Construction of production premises and utility lines

A factory is like a living organism. We design and build "internal organs" and "blood vessels" in production halls.

What production facilities do we build?

In production, it is often necessary to separate different sections from the production hall with partitions or to build smaller booths and rooms in the hall so that the dust, debris and noise generated during the work stay in their place.

What does our construction service include?

To separate production stages or for workplaces that require separation, we offer a production room construction service that includes everything from mapping needs and designing room solutions to their ready construction.

What kind of overhead lines do we build?

We build compressed air, vacuum, water, steam, – ventilation, aspiration and other technical cables. Our service includes all stages of work from planning to final implementation. We also design and implement special solutions. We also repair and maintain existing lines and routes.

Do you want to build utility lines or production facilities?

Contact us.

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