Moving industrial equipment

Speed is cost efficiency. We have many years of experience in moving factories within Europe.

What does industrial equipment moving service offer?

With the moving service, we take responsibility from the disassembly of the equipment to the handover of the working equipment to production, and we guarantee that everything will function exactly as it did in the previous location even after the move. The risks of moving work are always covered by insurance.

What do we move and install?

Industrial equipment such as CNC benches, presses, bending benches, and other equipment weighing 1-25 tons.
Production lines for the metal, wood and plastic industry.
We move whole factories in their entirety. Equipment, auxiliary equipment, materials and communications can be moved.

How do we move?

We approach each production company individually.
We make clear the right time for the move so that the production process suffers as little as possible.

We map equipment locations to identify areas of concern when moving equipment.

We disconnect the equipment cabling for transport and re-cable the equipment at the new location.
If necessary, we also carry out maintenance work on the device during the move, when the device is stationary.

Need a moving service for your manufacturing company?

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