Construction and maintenance of aspiration systems

Dust and production residues do not have to remain on the work feet. We design, build and maintain aspiration systems for production facilities.

Why is the aspiration system important?

Most of the stages of the production process produce small-sized residues, from dust to pieces, which in the long term damage the health of the workers and remain in the work process at the workbench. In order to collect these residues and, if possible, recycle them, the production premises must be equipped with an aspiration system, which collects them in one place using the force of air.

What kind of aspiration systems do we build?

Each factory is different, which is why we design and build as a special solution exactly the kind of aspiration system that a specific production complex needs, so that production residues do not damage the health of workers or interfere with work.

What aspiration systems do we service?

We maintain new aspiration systems designed and built by ourselves, as well as old aspiration systems already existing in production facilities.

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